I was born in 1963 as a Ham's Son .

In the age of 15 i attempt to make my Hamradio Licens. But i was too lazy to learn.

In my early 20's i became a soldier in CW7RTTY at the glory FmBtl940 in Daun/Eifel.

I met Dieter DK5PZ. He forced me to make my license in 1985.Thanks Dieter!

After 4 1/2 years at the glory EloKa in Daun i quit and went to the big road builder company in DL.

There i workt as a production technican and quallity safer for abt. 10 years.

Because i was a lot on tour all over Europe , there was no time for HamRadio aktivities.

In 1996 i build the house in Dehlingen and build ,build, build. QRP TRX's , Antennas and many more.

See the legandary 160m Delta Loop 40m over swamp ground with the 80m Feederline. (Old HP www.df3wv.de).

After 3 years in a carpainter company i went back to the big machinery and became a truck driver again.

In the following time i did a lot of amateur activity out of my 18 wheeler.

Like 2m and 70cm FM,SSB and Packet, SSB and CW on 80,40 and 20m aso.

In 2013 i give up my QTH in Dehlingen and went to Rennerod.

Since 2015 i live in Emmerichenhain.


DF3WV with 40 :)